What is VR Networking

Currently the topic of getting together with other people is still a struggling debate. Should we cram into a room, require masks, is it safe, with zoom is it even needed? Some of those questions bring up a few talking points, why do we need in person events? Is zoom enough? Do we go right back to old norms even after we’ve progressed with tech and business cultural changes? Can VR Networking help us through some of these problems?

Some of those cultural changes in business were driven by a need but are now turning into a preference by employees. This is a cultural change that won’t go away quietly without pushback. Being home and working doesn’t seem so bad (as long as you are definitely working). There is a catch when we isolate, we might hate an hour commute into work but the type of connections we used to have together still feels like it’s missing, and zoom hasn’t been able to fully replace that.

That’s where Virtual Reality Networking comes in, or VR Networking.

Simply said, imagine yourself enjoying a formal business networking event or meeting from the comforts of your own home, or wherever in the world you might be, but in person in virtual reality. I know what you’re saying, “that’s what we have zoom for”. It sounds much like a zoom meeting, but it’s everything zoom is not. From a computer or preferably a VR headset (fully immersed) you can find yourself quite literally next to people in a way that replaces video conference calls. This feels like the real thing. Walking around, talking, interacting, and authentically connecting with people.

VR Networking allows you to host large conference type events and trade shows that create a host of fun activities and authentic ways to let people organically connect. The most important detail here is that you can have a unique experience walking from one person to the next or bounce from group to group and enjoy socializing. It’s the main reason to attend these events and always has been. Business people love to go to large and small business networking events to hear speakers, get educated, but most importantly those in-between moments of connecting with someone who you really draw value from. It’s the small interactions and introductions that move business relationships forward.

The Benefits of VR Networking

In VR Networking events that’s exactly what you get. Not to mention a few other benefits you can start to imagine now, including no travel time it takes to get there. You just need to run an application and you are in an event with people who you could only dream of rubbing shoulders with in the real world. 

Businesses are finding more opportunities to use VR and virtual reality apps now. As progress keeps getting made in virtual reality better tools will continue to be utilized more and more. The thing businesses are looking for now are tools for efficiency and cost cutting opportunities that could help businesses be more productive. With VR Networking you get exactly that when it comes to connecting with other business owners that enjoy the same things you do.

1. VR Networking = Time Efficient

VR Networking is available from anywhere in the world. If you run or attend a networking event in VR you can not only cut the cost on your time from commuting but also the amount of time it takes to set up your space as everything in VR can be templated and easily set up once and reused many times over.

2. Virtual Reality = Cost Effective

VR Networking and business events cost of travel alone could be enough to talk about but that alone doesn’t include food and stay. If you start to price everything together, not to mention the event price, you can see why businesses choose not to utilize business events or networking to its full potential. Now with this new technology more business owners could start to take part in your networking events and other larger business trade shows and conferences. 

3. Virtual Reality Events = Broader Audience

This all means more attention, attendees, and ultimately connections that drive this economy. With VR Networking cutting the cost of all those things means more new potential attendees you would attract from the local area and anywhere else in the world. Virtual reality is going to be the true catalyst of connecting people and businesses together. We will be able to attract real clients and give real value to the people we care the most about, our partners, clients, and members of our community.

It will take a little more time before you see VR in every home but we are not far from it. While VR Networking may be new, we as a people have been using our networking skills to develop ourselves and our world for ions. This next new step is a huge leap and a great and fruitful one for all business owners around the world. With the power of virtual reality we will be able to bring businesses back from the brink and help expand those businesses who need the extra bit of luck that comes from expanding our networks and making new connections.

Our Mission to Change The World of Business

Our goal is to decrease the business failure rate from 95% in the first five years to 70% globally. We believe we can do that through our plan of an international virtual reality networking group. That is the mission and this is what VR Networking has the power to do. Through networking we will be able to produce unique experiences where business owners can rub shoulders with people they could only have dreamed of. A future with unlimited connecting power. We hope you can help us do that.

Join our VR Networking group for free. We host weekly events for business owners to get together and network. Try the AltspaceVR app and attend one of our events! Also check out our Trade Show and sign up for your own booth at the event for free!

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