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Have any questions? Please feel free to send us an email with your questions at team@coninvr.com. We will answer as soon as possible. Thank you for your interest in the Trade Shows by CONINVR.

CONINVR spaces, table design, and the experience.

Market your business, host your own booth!

Get your company in front of real people in a virtual and immersive Trade Show experience.

Our goal is to help you and your company market in VR. A new world of Virtual Reality is starting to take shape. Join us in making business marketing fun and unique and authentic again.

Visitors can walk around freely, talk to each other, get information from the booth hosts and sales people, and even connect through social channels to raise brand awareness and purchase your products or services. Our goal is to bring people together and open up a new virtual world of possibilities to business owners everywhere, help grow their brand and income while providing a unique one of a kind experience in VR.

Step 3

Create your avatar. Make a unique avatar that suits your personality. You can change your hair, outfit and skin color to be as gothic punk or business professional as you would like.

View Brands From
Around The World

Check out companies willing to market in our trade shows. Be next to other people in a fully immersive experience like a real life exhibition next to hundreds of other visitors as they pass through our convention center.

with People

Everyone knows the power of trade shows is in the networking that happens within them. Build a network of business owners and freelancers where you can authentically connect.

Your Marketing Experience in Virtual Reality

Bring the world of business marketing into VR. Share, trade, and market your brand using a cutting edge, fully immersive experience that leads to real world sales.

Art Show Event (Based on Eastern Time Standard)
Art Show Event (Based on Eastern Time Standard)
February 20, 2021
3:00 pm

Speaker Event & Networking

Altspace Keynote Arena

Speakers will present why art and VR is the future.

5:00 pm

Open Gallery Viewing

CONINVR Convention Center

Visitors can walk up to artists booths and interact and share contact info or request an email with information to buy their art.

10:00 pm

After Hours Dance Party

CONINVR Club & Lounge

We will host a DJ Party at a club and hold a space for lounging and networking for the remainder of the night