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Why VR Networking?

CONINVR believes that connecting people through the internet can be more engaging, educational, and entertaining than a news feed, blog articles, and likes and shares. Virtual reality brings you and your business networking to the next level. Connect and growing your business with other businesses around the world from the comfort of your home or office.

VR Networking

Join our networking meetings any time anywhere, and it’s always FREE!

With CONINVR all of our VR Networking events are FREE. There is no membership required and you can go as many times as you would like. That’s the philosophy behind our vision and mission. Click the link below to be taken to our channel page and don’t forget to download the APP (also free) to join our next meeting!

Virtual Reality Networking

Bring Your Business
into 2021
Grow Your Business

Our growing numbers create a unique experience at every single networking event we host. Combine that with a great referral program and you get a truly amazing and free business promotional platform you've never experienced before.

Build Relationships

We focus on building up relationships that can foster business growth. Our every step is an attempt to help businesses like yours meet up and build relationships that help each of your paths to growth. Our only mission is to better connect businesses in VR.

Sharpen Your Skills

We host several events per week and soon will be in multiple languages across the world. Having a platform growing in that size gives us the unique ability to bring a wealth of business education and speakers events that will help you grow your business year after year. And all right in your living room!

Join Us At The Next VR Networking Event

Go to the apps page and find out how you can join in in virtual reality and with your computer or laptop in 2D.