Events In VR

Make lasting connections and gain international exposure with CONINVR. Harness the excitement of a live conference, trade show, convention or exposition, in the world’s first virtual reality business event space. 

With a flexible virtual space, marketing services, and a built-in community of entrepreneurial leaders, CONINVR facilitates a variety of business networking events from intimate conferences, to international conventions. 

Virtual Conferences

CONINVR is changing the online business paradigm. Here, we seek fellowship, not follow-ship. 

Connect, consult, educate, and inform on a personal level with business conferences in Virtual Reality. As a host or attendee, you’ll connect peer to peer with like minded business people from all over the world. 

CONINVR provides a beautiful virtual forum for your business meetings, as well as all of the marketing tools you’ll need to have a successful conference.

Virtual Trade Shows

Industry-specific trade shows put businesses face-to-face with hundreds and sometimes thousands of qualified attendees. 

As an exhibitor, you can: successfully close sales and generate leads in a relaxed face-to-face environment, personally meet with existing customers to strengthen brand loyalty, and create lasting business relationships with other vendors and industry professionals.

Virtual Reality Trade shows maximize the benefits for exhibitors, while minimizing cost and hassle.

Here’s how:

The industry average price for portable trade show booths is $100-$150 per square foot. For example, a 20×20 display might cost between $40,000 and $60,000. Factor in additional costs like travel expenses, promotion, space rental, show services and shipping. Now you have a very expensive event. 

Virtual reality trade shows eliminate these investments, allowing business people to promote their products and services with more frequency and efficiency than ever before. 

Virtual EXPOS

An expo is a large-scale exhibition conducted on an international level.

Think of an expo as a hybrid of a trade show and conference. An Expo is still focused on exhibitors, but also includes sessions and seminars that pertain to the topic of the expo.

Why expo with us?

• Virtual Reality Expos are a great way to make connections. Exhibitors and attendees can network with business-owners and decision makers who share common interests. 

• Attend topical seminars or roundtables to learn how you can advance in your field.

Host, attend, or exhibit with CONINVR. Our virtual reality expos combine the informative, personal qualities of a conference with the broad social scope of a convention.

Virtual Conventions

CONINVR conventions promote conversation between like minded professionals in an informal setting.

While there may be speakers at a convention, the real goal is to facilitate personal connections between people who have a common interest.

What makes our conventions special?

Our Virtual Reality Convention Center is a beautiful multi functional space for exhibitors and visitors to enjoy virtual business conventions in an immersive setting. 

• Network with people who have the same personal interests as you in an informal, light-hearted atmosphere.

• Learn from your peers. Rather than sitting and listening to one person talking to many, a convention is a space for entrepreneurs to talk about themselves and share their business goals with others who have similar interests.

• Hosts and attendees can find new clients and collaborators in an informal setting.