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Each day, our communities offer a blend of activities like business courses and networking exercises that help people make it easier to network together.

Our mission was always clear from the start, help people connect, grow their business, and make money by using our network… For free.

Most, if not all, networking groups cost money to be part of. They even charge you per networking event. We say NO to that! We wanted to change the way people grow their business using networking, we chose to put the people before the business.

To fix networking all together we made it 100% free, and to make it even better its all in virtual reality so you can connect with people in a REAL and authentic way across the globe.

All our members are business owners who understand the true power of networking. That’s why they choose to keep coming to our 3 times a week networking events! Come join our FREE networking group and start seeing the benefits, bring your friends, It’ll make it that much better!

Global Business

This is “word of mouth” but on steroids! We seek to connect global players with local businesses helping catalyze business growth that would not have been possible before. Start creating your luck by being next to the people who are looking for you and your services today.

Don't Spend Another Buck

Stop spending your hard earned money on ads that don’t work, find your next partnership or clientele in our virtual business events. With many daily opportunities to meet someone new you can start seeing a return on your time spent in VR Networking. There are thousands of people online now all looking for what you offer. Be at the same places with them and find a new window of opportunity in our amazing virtual reality business events.

Join VR Networking

Join whats to become the worlds largest networking group in VR. We are breaking all limitations and helping business owners around the world truly connect.