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We host business events in virtual reality, connecting entrepreneurs worldwide in a free and immersive platform. Start growing your business now, and join us for weekly VR Networking events.

VR Trade Shows

Host or attend the immersive trade shows of the future. Design your own virtual booth to attract clientele, raise brand awareness and start selling in the digital space!

VR Conventions

Connect, grow and learn. Hold a virtual convention with like minded people from anywhere in the world. Build your business community in VR.

VR Conferences

Offer a master-class, host a seminar, or have a private meeting with your team in our virtual conference rooms. Coninvr has flexible virtual spaces for events large and small.

VR Expos

Experience the excitement and energy of an international exposition in virtual reality. CONINVR has all the tools you need to promote your business and make global connections.

Experience CONINVR

Get a first hand look at our virtual reality events and hear from our attendees!

Our events feel seamless, natural, and true to life. Virtual reality business events are not just brand new, they are the future. 

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Welcome to the newest frontier of business networking: Virtual Reality. Join the CONINVR community and take your business to the next level.

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Get the inside look at how we do things different. We offer a fully immersive experiance that you won’t forget. We are the first business events & networking company doing things right!

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